• Why not help the agri children ,students benefit  from the education, whose parents earn their living from the wages (daily,Seasonal) and those who stand in the hot sun and keeping their legs many a time in the muddy waters to grow rice?

  • Your going to movie one time will fill their stomachs,will make them happy with good dress,and will get them a good standard of living.

  • Your support to cricket is good but making them heros and worshipping them will not fill your stomach nor will it bring food sufficiency.

  • Ponder on this, touch your heart,forgive me, if I am telling something which you do not like.

  • Think of those poor agri children who do not get those simple things in life,food,clothing and shelter.

  • Even your one rupee a day,or your buying popcorn,sandwich,snacks will get them good education and get a better standard of living.

  • Enjoy your life but make other’s life also a better one by foregoing one little thing for one time, for them.

  • Thanks a lot for reading this,and for starting to make India and give the agriculture and the workers a little time and a little help and a little money.

  • They suffer maximum from the money lenders,floods, scanty rains and at the hands of middlemen.

  • Why not give your kind and compassionate attention to those poor agri children a helping hand?

  • Blessings and best wishes for a bright future to the whole of India and the world in general.

These domains need your kind attention     


Shopping is a pleasure and good pastime when you are in Coimbatore.


Nothing comes in life just like that. It needs effort,hardwork and dedication.

Know more about Walmart and visiting once  will make you happy. Need be you can buy your items .

This is done for your benefit. You have to make the best of it by giving your kind comments, needs ,suggestions. we heartily welcome you.

Here we intend promoting all those who deal in travels and tours and they are welcome to send in their matters for the kind attn. of all.

If you are a jobseeker, we wish you all the best. From time to time we will publish the jobs available for you to succeed.



Nothing ventured nothing Gained

  • To get something ,to go some where ,you have to put an effort,use your energy,your talent,your experience most important the money,all these are for what ?to attain or to get the expected result ,a good one.
  • It must be result oriented.when you want to get the job that you desire,you  must equip yourself or deserve before you desire.
  • when you are after a life partner ,the same is the case.
  • if you want a mango from the tree, you have to go near the mango tree and find how to get the mango.
  • you can’t sing under the mango tree and get the mango.
  • Unless it is fully ripe, the branch cannot hold it any longer due to weight, it may fall,that too if you are lucky to be there at that time.
  • So,It is right time to equip yourself and be Prepared and you can do things easy and be relaxed.
  • iBlessings and best wishes in advance for your immediate action.

How can you improve your spoken English?

  • First Believe in yourself and repeat every time.
  • It’s possible.I can speak very good English,I will speak very good English.I must speak very good English.
  • You have to like the language,you have to LOVE the language and you must live with the language.
  • Just like you are running for a nice girl or boy as your wife or husband.
  • What all things you did to attract he/she to you?
  • Did you leave after trying only once ?Now take another  example. cycling.?
  • You learnt cycling when you were born?.
  • You were only kicking your legs back and forth.weren’t you?
  • what did you do to learn cycling? You pushed the tried monkey did carrier got hits when you wanted to sit on the saddle.You fell down and had scratches with blood oozing.Did you Stop?No ,you know.
  • At last you started to ride the cycle leaving both your hands free from the bar.Didn’t you?
  • You did,yes,you did and showed your talents to your friends and relatives.what mistake are you doing? I will explain.
  • what you do,is you try to think in your mother try to translate that into English and then you are afraid whether it is grammatical or not? Full of confusion.
  • Learn only ten words a day.
  • Know their exact meanings and watch and see how are they used in every place.
  • keep a good Oxford English/English dictionary.
  • Observe,listen and will improve.
  • .When you were 9 months old,who taught you to understand every single word .
  • Your mother ,the and Guide.
  • Now Some Mock at her,ridicule her
  • .Today,what you are,the credit goes to your mother.Learn 10words,know the spellings,syllables,pronunciation.meanings and their usage in sentences.Never be afraid,to,open your mouth and speak.Right or wrong speak.
  • How many times have you fallen when you started walking,you cried,others laughed,Did you stop trying?No. you tried ,tried and tried and when you started running no one could catch you easily.
  • Start from right Now to do your best and believe ,act and Achieve.
  • You can,if you think,you really can.
  • Blessings and best wishes with you always.

Learn a,an,the articles

  • Listen to the above video. and understand.the articles.
  • Let us learn now;There are three articles. a,an,the.
  • know more about  vowels a,e,i,o,u  mute h or silent. 
  • an ant ,an elephant,an idea, an owl, an umbrella, an hour,an hotel.
  • An ant sat on an elephant.It got an idea to fool the owl.It tookan umbrella and covered itself.It was doing this for an hour.
  • Like these you make sentences of your own to remember an. and its use.
  • .I saw a boy on the road. which boy?? a stout one or a lean one, a tall one or a short one.
  • It is not definite. so in the case of an.It talks about a single thing. so a and an are indefinite articles.
  • The is definite.If you give me an invitation for your marriage ,whom will I first search? only you,the specific person.
  • definite person
  • .If I do not do that,I will be mistaken for a  thief to steal the shoes and slippers.
  • I went to the market to buy a tomato(consonant),an apple(vowel),an orange,an egg, an elephant doll for my sister,an ink bottle,and i took an umbrella because it was raining outside. the is definite . a means one  an is used for vowel sounds. will be continued.

Easy Engrammar

  • English Grammar is very very EASY.
  • I/We/You/You/He/She/It/ /They.
  • I/You/He/She/It/ are singular means one person or one thing only.
  • We//You/They these three are plural.
  • Remember this first.
  • There are only  Eight .
  • These eight cover the whole world.
  • So also there are 8 parts of speech.
  • They are Noun,Pronoun,(which qualifies or stands for noun)
  • Adjective ( describing the noun)Verb(action word,doing word)
  • adverb( modifying the verb
  • Preposition( pre -before showing the position of )
  • conjunction ( Joining word or linking word)
  • Interjection(exclamation)Learn these by read.listen,understand,analyse.revise and review
  • .*8* plays an important role in English.
  • There are 4 present forms ,4 past tense forms and 4 future tense forms. Present Tense forms:I eat ice cream,simple present,I am eating ice cream .Present continuous. I have eaten an Icecream Present perfect.I have been eating an icecream.
  • Past tense forms: I ate an ice   cream Past continuous;I was eating an ice cream ,Past perfect:I had eaten an ice cream. Past perfect continuous: i had been eating an icecream.
  • Future: I will eat an ice cream. Future continuous:I will be eating an ice cream. Future perfect: I will have eaten an ice cream.Future perfect continuous: I will have been eating an ice cram.
  • To eat is infinitive: eat,ate,eaten,eats, eating. LIke this all the action words and doing words are to be practised.
  • Buy,beg,borrow or steal  a good ENGLISH DICTIONARY, turn the pages until you come across the doing words tabulation and learn them by heart by repeating and understanding.
  • Spoken English is also very very Easy
  • .What’s your name?Simply say Ram or your nick name.
  • It is very simple.The question may have more words,the answer can be in one word.
  • Spoken English is short,simple,straight forward, sweet and specific.LEARN THESE THOROUGHLY. Then we will go to the next lesson.If you have doubt contact
  • Blessings and best wishes.


Become like    God ,then do only good to yourself and good to others.

If you want to be a DEVIL, that you can be, because the traits are already built in.

If you can’t help anyone, keep yourself away.

If you can give correct guidance,what you feel right,give but don’t force on anyone.

By force nothing can be won.

Force can be used to move things from one place to another.

But not on human beings

.Learn to smile,not to frown.

learn to laugh your troubles away,you will have peace

.Learn to give something to somebody at least on some days, you will become generous and the receiver will bless you

Life is for living,smiling ,laughing and enjoying.

You will live this life as a human being only once.

Make the best use of it when ALIVE.

Live 86400 seconds of the day fully and completely.

Thank God ,thank everyone who guides you,directs you to lead life of harmony,peace,health and wealth.

Count your blessings right from this very moment.