Nothing ventured Nothing Gained

  • Learn easy English grammar.Sentences are many.
  • Not the sentence passed by the judge.
  • They are Assertive,Declarative,Negative, affirmative,interrogative,exclamatory If you make use of this blog and learn I will be very happy. Affirmative,assertive and declative sentence.
  • I do not like sweets.
  • This sentence is negative.
  • Do you  like to read this blog and learn? Is an interrogative sentence.
  • Ah,! You have read this and learnt. That is wonderful! This is exclamatory.

What is this life For?

weeping,crying,moaning,groaning, grumbling.?????

No you are sent in this world to play the game well and enjoy the whole life for you will never come back again once you take a one way ticket,never to return of by chance you return ,may be you will  not be in human form.

So,laugh and enjoy every second of your life which is 86400 seconds everyday.

Count your blessings too.

Here and Now


Joy.Peace.Courage. confidence.

All are mine.

HereAnd Now ,with your Grace.

say this as many times as you can.

see the result.

Blessings and best wishes for a very bright future.

Change your Attitude

Choose to be happy.

Be happy always.

Be nice always.

Be kind always.

Believe in yourself always.

Be healthy always.

Be successful always.

Be cheerful always.

Be joyous always.

Be wealthy always.

Be peaceful always.

Be courageous always.

Be confident always.