• Why not help the agri children ,students benefit  from the education, whose parents earn their living from the wages (daily,Seasonal) and those who stand in the hot sun and keeping their legs many a time in the muddy waters to grow rice?

  • Your going to movie one time will fill their stomachs,will make them happy with good dress,and will get them a good standard of living.

  • Your support to cricket is good but making them heros and worshipping them will not fill your stomach nor will it bring food sufficiency.

  • Ponder on this, touch your heart,forgive me, if I am telling something which you do not like.

  • Think of those poor agri children who do not get those simple things in life,food,clothing and shelter.

  • Even your one rupee a day,or your buying popcorn,sandwich,snacks will get them good education and get a better standard of living.

  • Enjoy your life but make other’s life also a better one by foregoing one little thing for one time, for them.

  • Thanks a lot for reading this,and for starting to make India and give the agriculture and the workers a little time and a little help and a little money.

  • They suffer maximum from the money lenders,floods, scanty rains and at the hands of middlemen.

  • Why not give your kind and compassionate attention to those poor agri children a helping hand?

  • Blessings and best wishes for a bright future to the whole of India and the world in general.

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