Nothing ventured nothing Gained

  • To get something ,to go some where ,you have to put an effort,use your energy,your talent,your experience most important the money,all these are for what ?to attain or to get the expected result ,a good one.
  • It must be result oriented.when you want to get the job that you desire,you  must equip yourself or deserve before you desire.
  • when you are after a life partner ,the same is the case.
  • if you want a mango from the tree, you have to go near the mango tree and find how to get the mango.
  • you can’t sing under the mango tree and get the mango.
  • Unless it is fully ripe, the branch cannot hold it any longer due to weight, it may fall,that too if you are lucky to be there at that time.
  • So,It is right time to equip yourself and be Prepared and you can do things easy and be relaxed.
  • iBlessings and best wishes in advance for your immediate action.

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