How can you improve your spoken English?

  • First Believe in yourself and repeat every time.
  • It’s possible.I can speak very good English,I will speak very good English.I must speak very good English.
  • You have to like the language,you have to LOVE the language and you must live with the language.
  • Just like you are running for a nice girl or boy as your wife or husband.
  • What all things you did to attract he/she to you?
  • Did you leave after trying only once ?Now take another  example. cycling.?
  • You learnt cycling when you were born?.
  • You were only kicking your legs back and forth.weren’t you?
  • what did you do to learn cycling? You pushed the tried monkey did carrier got hits when you wanted to sit on the saddle.You fell down and had scratches with blood oozing.Did you Stop?No ,you know.
  • At last you started to ride the cycle leaving both your hands free from the bar.Didn’t you?
  • You did,yes,you did and showed your talents to your friends and relatives.what mistake are you doing? I will explain.
  • what you do,is you try to think in your mother try to translate that into English and then you are afraid whether it is grammatical or not? Full of confusion.
  • Learn only ten words a day.
  • Know their exact meanings and watch and see how are they used in every place.
  • keep a good Oxford English/English dictionary.
  • Observe,listen and will improve.
  • .When you were 9 months old,who taught you to understand every single word .
  • Your mother ,the and Guide.
  • Now Some Mock at her,ridicule her
  • .Today,what you are,the credit goes to your mother.Learn 10words,know the spellings,syllables,pronunciation.meanings and their usage in sentences.Never be afraid,to,open your mouth and speak.Right or wrong speak.
  • How many times have you fallen when you started walking,you cried,others laughed,Did you stop trying?No. you tried ,tried and tried and when you started running no one could catch you easily.
  • Start from right Now to do your best and believe ,act and Achieve.
  • You can,if you think,you really can.
  • Blessings and best wishes with you always.

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