Learn a,an,the articles

  • https://youtu.be/-zZau_dttRY        
  • Listen to the above video. and understand.the articles.
  • Let us learn now;There are three articles. a,an,the.
  • know more about  vowels a,e,i,o,u  mute h or silent. 
  • an ant ,an elephant,an idea, an owl, an umbrella, an hour,an hotel.
  • An ant sat on an elephant.It got an idea to fool the owl.It tookan umbrella and covered itself.It was doing this for an hour.
  • Like these you make sentences of your own to remember an. and its use.
  • .I saw a boy on the road. which boy?? a stout one or a lean one, a tall one or a short one.
  • It is not definite. so in the case of an.It talks about a single thing. so a and an are indefinite articles.
  • The is definite.If you give me an invitation for your marriage ,whom will I first search? only you,the specific person.
  • definite person
  • .If I do not do that,I will be mistaken for a  thief to steal the shoes and slippers.
  • I went to the market to buy a tomato(consonant),an apple(vowel),an orange,an egg, an elephant doll for my sister,an ink bottle,and i took an umbrella because it was raining outside. the is definite . a means one  an is used for vowel sounds. will be continued.

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