Easy Engrammar

  • English Grammar is very very EASY.
  • I/We/You/You/He/She/It/ /They.
  • I/You/He/She/It/ are singular means one person or one thing only.
  • We//You/They these three are plural.
  • Remember this first.
  • There are only  Eight .
  • These eight cover the whole world.
  • So also there are 8 parts of speech.
  • They are Noun,Pronoun,(which qualifies or stands for noun)
  • Adjective ( describing the noun)Verb(action word,doing word)
  • adverb( modifying the verb
  • Preposition( pre -before showing the position of )
  • conjunction ( Joining word or linking word)
  • Interjection(exclamation)Learn these by read.listen,understand,analyse.revise and review
  • .*8* plays an important role in English.
  • There are 4 present forms ,4 past tense forms and 4 future tense forms. Present Tense forms:I eat ice cream,simple present,I am eating ice cream .Present continuous. I have eaten an Icecream Present perfect.I have been eating an icecream.
  • Past tense forms: I ate an ice   cream Past continuous;I was eating an ice cream ,Past perfect:I had eaten an ice cream. Past perfect continuous: i had been eating an icecream.
  • Future: I will eat an ice cream. Future continuous:I will be eating an ice cream. Future perfect: I will have eaten an ice cream.Future perfect continuous: I will have been eating an ice cram.
  • To eat is infinitive: eat,ate,eaten,eats, eating. LIke this all the action words and doing words are to be practised.
  • Buy,beg,borrow or steal  a good ENGLISH DICTIONARY, turn the pages until you come across the doing words tabulation and learn them by heart by repeating and understanding.
  • Spoken English is also very very Easy
  • .What’s your name?Simply say Ram or your nick name.
  • It is very simple.The question may have more words,the answer can be in one word.
  • Spoken English is short,simple,straight forward, sweet and specific.LEARN THESE THOROUGHLY. Then we will go to the next lesson.If you have doubt contact :goahead1932@gmail.com.
  • Blessings and best wishes.

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