Become like    God ,then do only good to yourself and good to others.

If you want to be a DEVIL, that you can be, because the traits are already built in.

If you can’t help anyone, keep yourself away.

If you can give correct guidance,what you feel right,give but don’t force on anyone.

By force nothing can be won.

Force can be used to move things from one place to another.

But not on human beings

.Learn to smile,not to frown.

learn to laugh your troubles away,you will have peace

.Learn to give something to somebody at least on some days, you will become generous and the receiver will bless you

Life is for living,smiling ,laughing and enjoying.

You will live this life as a human being only once.

Make the best use of it when ALIVE.

Live 86400 seconds of the day fully and completely.

Thank God ,thank everyone who guides you,directs you to lead life of harmony,peace,health and wealth.

Count your blessings right from this very moment.


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